Corporate Social Responsibility

Prime Strategy Group believes in sustainable and responsible business, and have group-wide initiatives based on our business motto- ‘spreading happiness‘
As a socially responsible company, we focus on empowering people - be it high end professionals, workers, students or any individual for that matters we believe in unlimited human potential and strive to bring the best out of these resources. When we say corporate Social responsibility it does not mean giving money to the arts, funding academic scholarships, supporting community-building initiatives, etc, but we really mean it, and work towards building a better tomorrow through our social events and public programmes.

Prime Strategy Group aims to instill values of social commitment and responsibility among its staff by encouraging employees to participate in community work. It is crucial that while making decisions, a responsible company takes into full account its impact on the general public, the environment and the economy as a whole. At Prime Strategy we believe in not only being part of a community but rather creating and building a community where people can flourish.

Some of the Latest Events:

‘Prime Strategy‘ Dubai office has associated with the Career Exhibition of Career Guru Mr. Jaleel MS, M.A., MSc, held in April 2011 organized by MPCC, one of the major Social Organisation based in UAE. The Group played significant role in developing awareness in career options among the expatriate students and families. Prime Strategy Group Dubai , as part of its corporate Social commitment, has developed a new strategy to increase awareness of career up-gradation and development among the expatriate professionals working in the Gulf Region.

Prime Strategy Group, associated with a Social Service Organization in Dubai and conducted a workshop on Transactional Analysis (TA) in 2011. More than 25 Professionals from different industries participated in the workshop.

Prime Strategy Group, is joining hands with one of the major social service organization in the area of Self development, to launch a series of Self Development Programme in Dubai. For further details, please contact the Dubai Office.