IP Consultancy

Intellectual property is an intangible asset which is a creation or work of human mind or intellect which includes invention, discovery, design, program, idea, data, formula, process, or trade secret, patent, copy right, trade mark etc. A product of the intellectual work that has commercial value can be bought, sold, licensed, exchanged, or gratuitously given away like any other form of property. Intellectual property law rewards and encourages innovation by providing limited monopoly rights. 

The intellectual property owner has the right to prevent the unauthorized use or sale of the property. However, unlike physical property, it cannot be defined or identified by its own physical parameters. It must be expressed in some discernible way to be protectable. Countries vary in how they regard and protect intellectual property. In some cases, you may need to file for intellectual property protection in multiple countries. 

Be sure to fully research and understand the intellectual property laws and protections in each country you're involved with. 
Intellectual Property (IP) Law covers the objects of variety of laws, including Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Trade secret Law, Industrial Design Law, and potentially others. These Laws provide exclusive rights to certain parties and many of them implement government-granted monopolies. 

We advise and assist our domestic and International clients on trade mark, patents, copy right, know-how, and we designs and undertaking intellectual property transactional work. Our intellectual property consultants have considerable experience in handling IP related works, trademark, patent and copyright infringement matters maintaining the value of their intellectual property rights and ensuring that they have sufficient levels of protection and most importantly by safeguarding against intellectual property infringement disputes.