Career Coaching & Development

Prime Strategy Group has a separate wing specialized in the career field who are focused at Career related services. It is aimed at providing professional career planning and coaching to Individuals especially to Students and Professionals. Career coaching helps individuals discover what they really want to do with their lives and then develop a strategy to achieve them with proper planning and determination. Apart from the Career related information, the highly qualified professional team of Prime Strategy offers the following Services:

Coaching for Students:

Training Programs and Counseling.
Conducting DAT (Differential Aptitude Test).
DAT shall recognize the strengths of the candidates and know how to focus and develop these strengths towards success. It also helps them to choose the right path in their career.
At Prime Strategy, we have a group of highly qualified professionals who conduct training programs and counseling at regional venues across India and UAE. They also provide,

  • Professional Students Counseling
  • Informations and Guidance related higher studies.
  • Informations about Educational Institutions all over the world.
  • Informations and Guidance related special courses and career options

Coaching for Professionals:

Coaching helps you create your own job security with lifelong career management strategies.
Career coaching helps you to:

  • Discover and understand who you really are
  • Gives an insight to your own potentials and weaknesses.
  • Identify and clarify what profession suits you.
  • Gives Clarity on how to improve your professional performance.
  • Create and develop strategies for how you will achieve your goals.