Our Group

“Prime Strategy Group“ was established by a team of high caliber Senior Lawyers, Ex - Brand Managers, HR Managers, Corporate Trainers, Chartered Accountants and Corporate Consultants with a vision of providing total corporate solutions for Business entities. The Group has strategic alliances with a number of companies and institutions around the globe. The Group consists of the flagship company called Prime Strategy Consultants, Advertising wing “Stratg Communications“, Corporate Training and Human Resources Management, Center for Career Coaching and Guidance. The Group has its offices in Dubai, Doha, Mumbai, Cochin, and Calicut .

As the Business Architects, we design the success formula for organizations with key emphasis on practical transformation of the whole system. As a full service corporate management firm, we take up the projects from defining the statutory structure, business plans, setting up business excellence standards, until the organization reach up to its professional goals.

With many years experience in consulting, we normally work with you as a strategic partner, where our approach brings clear strategic thinking and the best available approach to help you maximise your operational, sales and marketing potential while your business is legally protected. Our projects aim to establish all the process improvement and information systems requirements to ensure you deliver a competitive service to your customers and retain the profit to sustain and grow your organisation.